Winter is coming

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Winter is coming, the cold wind hits people, and the biting cold wind, such as the small fist of a woman who is arrogant, slams the body of a passer-by, and the pedestrians can't help but speed up. In such a season, I am going out of the road, and once I return to the warm home, I feel comfortable and comfortable. The family likes flowers. Even in the winter, the rooms are decorated with green leaves and flowers Cigarettes Online. In the heated room, there are fresh plants everywhere. The house looks very energetic and vibrant. After I got home from work every winter, I rarely calmed down and sat in the flowers to read a book, write and write things. After I fed my stomach Marlboro Cigarettes, I went to bed and watch TV. I felt vaguely inside. The winter was missing a little before, because the husband's birthday, we returned to the home of the country in the first snowy day of this year. After a few minutes' drive, I sat in the car and went back. When I got home, I felt the chill of the door and fled into the room where the old man lived. I saw the red stove being booming, flashing a warm light. There was a kettle on the stove, and the water in the kettle opened quickly. "Zi-Zi--" rang. The house was filled with warm mist. The old man saw us at home and said happily: "It��s too cold, just Don't come back! Look at you cold!" The big-eyed scream said: "He was busy with the stove early in the morning, adding coal, the stove was burning red. Fear of freezing his baby son." Just brew the hot tea and take out the hot roasted sweet potato under the hearth. "Quickly eat, drink fast, the scorpion is specially prepared for you..." The faint fragrant tea and the deep affection immediately spread in the room, in the heart, the feeling of going home is really good, there is a stove Winter is great! At this time, I suddenly realized that I was always thinking of the fire in my heart. I miss the warmth and enjoyment in the winter, and the warmth of the visual enjoyment. I remember that the winter when I was a child was colder than it is now, perhaps because of that. The clothes that were worn were not thick and warm now. Everyday in the dilapidated classroom, I feel frozen. When I return home from school, my mother always licks the corn cherries in the small pot on the stove. The stove is grilled with yellow corn patties, hard and hard. Crunchy, sweet. I slapped the snow and air on my body, sitting beside the stove, picking up the pickles mixed with green and green peppers and fresh red peppers from my mother, drinking corn and eating dried cakes, and talking to my mother about the size of the school... After or at night, sitting at the stove reading a book, doing homework! At that time, most of my essays were able to go to the school's blackboard, so I was willing to write some words almost every day Marlboro Gold. When I wrote it very smoothly, the stove didn't say anything, only gave me warmth and light; when I didn't feel it, I heard the sound of "Hey! Hey!" in the stove, and seemed to want to help me find some inspiration. On the small stove, I struggled from a primary school student to a middle school teacher. It can be said that during my growing up, the fire has been caring for me, accompanying me, helping me as a teacher, I worked hard, at Business excellence. I remember that winter, I participated in the city's teaching, according to the rules of the competition, after 5 pm, the teachers will draw lots, which course will be drawn, and the lesson plans and corresponding materials will be prepared that night. The teaching plan and the lecture materials were printed for the judges, and the judges were selected the next morning. That is the condition, the printed materials should be completed in the printing department of the street store. I was almost 11 o'clock in the evening when I was ready to teach and talk about the materials. I thought about the teaching aids to be prepared. I took the materials and asked my colleagues to help the printing department to correct the printing. In the cold night without moonlight, when I was rushing to open my colleague's door, the light in her house was very bright, the fire was red, and she was sitting at the stove and knitting a sweater. Colleagues saw me full of cold, pulled me to sit on the stove and roast the fire, find out the reason, immediately asked her family to help me print, and I prepared the teaching aid with me. Sitting by the fire and she was preparing the teaching aids, the red fire warmed me, the flames of the beating gave me strength, and the enthusiasm of my colleagues gave me great encouragement! Soon everything was ready, and the next day I accomplished the task well, and I won the first place in the city in that competition, and was awarded the title of ��City Teaching Expert��. The warm fire of my colleague's house that night left an impression that I could never be erased in my heart! Now, the standard of living has improved, and the home has installed heating. After busy work, most of the people are huddled in the house, and relatives and friends rarely move around. Although the heating is clean, but there is no flash of the fire, there is no such sound, no temptation of the temptation to like the fire, longing for the fire, like the warmth, that light! In my heart, forever
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