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Mercedes and Ferrari insist F1s engine manufacturers have gone out of their way to devise more cost-effective regulations - despite Christian Horner claiming the sport is nowhere on the matter. After a 2015 season in which engine politics dominated the off-track agenda as Red Bull threatened to quit F1, the FIA charged the sports four manufacturers - Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda - to come up with proposals to tackle four key areas of concern in time for 2018 at the latest.These were a reduction in the cost of customer supplies, a guarantee to supply all teams, performance convergence, and improving the noise of the engines. In January, in exchange for keeping the current hybrid technology in place until 2020, the manufacturers agreed to lower the price customer teams pay for their engine supplies to €12m. The FIA said significant further progress had been made and placed a deadline of April 30 for the plans to be formally agreed.However, less than a fortnight before the new rules are supposed to be signed off, Red Bull boss Christian Horner cast down on the chances of agreement being reached.As we sit here now, we are not anywhere near having met any of those criteria and I think unfortunately what will happen, as is often the case with these things, time will run out at the end of the month and nothing will be achieved and nothing will change, Horner said at the Chinese GP. There is one more attempt in the Strategy meeting and the Commission meeting at the end of the month to discuss and table the concerns and where were at, but failing that regulations will inevitably stay as they are.However, Mercedes and Ferrari - who between them supply more than half the grid with power units - have countered Horners claimsFerrari chairman Sergio Marchionne told Sky Sports F1: We have gone miles in terms of engine supply.We have found a way in which the four engine manufacturers can continue to supply the sport on a way that may not be the most economically advantageous, but it does provide continuity for the other teams and I think thats important. So hopefully that will get through. Mercedes chief Toto Wolff suggested Horners comments were a bit of a one dimension and insisted the German manufacturer had gone further than they would have ideally liked to on the issue of supply guarantees in particular.Weve offered much cheaper engines and actually met the targets we set ourselves, the Austrian told Sky F1. We have structured an obligation to supply - which we dont like particularly, but we have offered it to not run into a Red Bull situation again - and all that is on paper.But then it comes down to the detail of the contract and obviously not everybody is happy. He [Horner] isnt happy, but its about finding a compromise.In an attempt to push the manufacturers towards agreeing concessions, Bernie Ecclestone and FIA president Jean Todt controversially proposed the introduction of an independent budget engine for 2017, which would use simpler technology and be made available at a fraction of the cost of the current V6 turbo units.Marchionne says all the engine manufacturers are in agreement that the existing technology should remain the basis for future regulations. Ted Kravitz analyses the 2016 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix from Shanghai International Circuit On the larger issue of simplifying the powertrain, I think we need to be careful that we dont end up turning the sport into something that its not supposed to be, he said.This is supposed to be the leading edge of automotive experiences and so the powertrain needs to reflect the development of the industry itself.I am happy with the way in which the powertrain has developed today, it doesnt meet everyones objectives - Red Bull has got a different view - but we are of the view that we need to continue in this fashion and its a view thats shared by the other engine manufacturers.Meanwhile, on the issue of making the current engines louder, Wolff confirmed: We are working on various concepts and have made it one of the key points in order to find solutions.Dont miss the F1 Report on Wednesday at 8:30pm on Sky Sports F1 for full analysis of an action-packed Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit. Natalie Pinkham is joined in the studio by Marc Priestley and Alex Lynn. Also See: Ferrari boss warns his team WATCH: Teds Notebook Discount Hydro Flask . Cain departed in the fourth inning of a 10-5 loss to the Pirates on Thursday. X-rays on Cains bruised forearm were negative. He was hit when Sanchez led off the fourth with a groundout. Hydro Flask Sale . Patrick Deslisle-Houde and David Rose each scored in the second to give the fourth-seeded Redmen a 3-1 lead after Jean-Philippe Mathieu scored in the first. Cellino was ordered by a judge to pay a 600,000 euro ($800,000) fine for evading import taxes on a yacht he purchased in the United States and brought to Italy, the ANSA news agency reported. Cheap Hydro Flask Free Shipping . Numbers Game looks into the Wild getting Matt Moulson from Buffalo. The Wild Get: LW Matt Moulson and LW Cody McCormick. Cheap Hydro Flask Sale . - Florida State has suspended Jameis Winston for the entire game against Clemson on Saturday, extending its initial punishment of one half after the quarterback made offensive and vulgar comments about female anatomy earlier this week.OTTAWA - Coming soon to a Canadian TV near you: American ads during the Super Bowl.The iconic U.S. pitches, which are nearly a bigger draw than the game itself, must be shown on Canadian television starting in 2017 instead of broadcasters swapping in Canadian ones, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission declared Thursday.The Super Bowl is something special, Jean-Pierre Blais, chairman of the CRTC, said in an interview.The advertisement around the Super Bowl is part of the spectacle, theres hype and has been for decades before the event and during the event. It is very much a special case.Thursdays decision is the latest consumer-friendly move from the broadcast regulator as it seeks to respond to the way changing technology is giving people more choice and the ability to have a louder voice when deciding how they want to watch TV.The practice of simultaneous substitution, known as simsub, allows Canadian broadcasters who buy American shows to swap out U.S. ads for Canadian ones.But at the same time, it enrages viewers, who each year deluge the CRTC with complaints during Super Bowl season, especially when technical glitches cut off key plays in the game, Blais said.The ad swaps are an exception to the general rule that broadcasters cant alter the signals they receive and send over the air. But the revenue they generate is considered essential and is why broadcasters will still be able to do it for everything else, including live events such as the Academy Awards or World Series.We are maintaining the exception because there is some value, about $250 million, to the broadcast system which they then can invest in news and information but it is an exception, he said.And the Super Bowl is an exception in that world because the advertisements are part of the spectacle.The CRTC will keep a watchful eye on how broadcasters handle the ad switches, threatening penalties for mistakes that compromise broadcastts.ddddddddddddLive-event simultaneous substitution makes $40 million for CTV, which currently owns the broadcast rights for the Super Bowl.The change may reduce the incentive for any Canadian network to carry the game, suggested Adam Shine, a telecom, cable and media analyst at National Bank Financial.The broadcaster has effectively been stripped of material revenue related to the game, and domestic advertisers get no exposure during the biggest TV event of the year, he said in an e-mail. This year, CTV is believed to be charging between $170,000 and $200,000 for 30 seconds of airtime during the game.They expressed dismay at the news, saying it will cost Canadian jobs.Sure viewers will get to watch Wells Fargo ads in the Super Bowl instead of RBC, or Target and Wal-Mart instead of Canadian Tire, said Scott Henderson, the vice president of communications for Bell Media, the parent company of CTV, in an e-mail.But those advertising dollars will go directly to American companies instead of Canadian content creators and broadcasters.Canadians already flock to YouTube to check out the latest crop of U.S. commercials, some of which cost millions to produce and look like miniature films.One of them is the CRTCs Blais, who admitted to going online to check them out himself.There are ways of seeing it but in this decision we are saying Canadians are adult enough to be able to see it along with everybody else on the platform they were designed to be broadcast on, he said.Another CRTC decision Thursday gives consumers a little bit more flexibility to watch ads on their mobile devices.The regulator ordered Bell Mobility and Videotron to stop giving their own mobile television services an unfair advantage over other Internet services.The two companies had exempted their own TV services from standard monthly data charges while content from other websites or apps — like YouTube — was counted against a customers data cap. 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