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Time is like a long river of memory, flowing hurriedly and quietly, and in the blink of an eye, the new year is ushered in again. "Four New New Year's Day, Longevity Begins and Today", today is the beginning of a new year-New Year's Day. Although the sky was not beautiful on the New Year's Day, the cold wind was biting, making people feel chilly, and then sporadic drizzle, so cold that people were trembling, but the streets were still weaving and busy. People bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, fully enjoying their leisure time. The street is full of goods from all directions, and the hawkers are peddling, taking advantage of this festive festival to engage in various promotional activities: a young man who buys a sweater, hits "the real materials, cheap and beautiful, fake one The signboard of "paying 100" won the trust of customers; the uncle who sold Hong Kong-style jackets wrote: "Handling a big sale at a loss Cheap Cigarettes," seven conspicuous characters, passers-by swarmed up ... These wise hawkers took out Home skills, discounts and promotions. Some even wrote a self-advertising slogan, which made passers-by stand still and fascinated. Everyone wanted to buy cheap things. The hawker and the customer had a fierce argument. The customers were desperately bargaining, the hawkers were desperately quitting, and the bargaining was clamoring. An aunt who bought a small cotton-padded jacket said to the vendor: "Be cheaper, for the Chinese New Year, beg for a good sign, count me 16 yuan, six or six. Shun." The vendor frowned and said, "No, I rely on Do n��t add any more money to support this family, 18 yuan! Yaofa-want to send, everyone to send! How about it? "" Okay, deal! "Aunty happily paid, and happily packed a warm small cotton jacket into the bag ? ? Maybe her eyes were seriously showing the warm and happy look of her lovely child in this warm cotton coat Marlboro Lights. There are many people selling fake flowers on the street stalls. The colorful fake flowers can be described as skillful. With the truth, many passers-by stop to appreciate and buy one or two bunches. The children are most happy, strolling around, seeing the big round candied fruit or balloons with cartoon characters, they take the hands of the adults and yell at them, if they are not satisfied, they will frown, and the adults are helpless. Put the money into the hands of the peddler, the children hold it in their hands, and they are very happy! In the square, there were lanterns, flowers, and crowds Newport 100S, people hung out on the square with big bags and small bags, and the sound of singing and singing was one after another. There are also various snacks in the square, asking people to watch the salivation and sell it for a bit. People ��s joy and laughter expresses a happy heart, and Ben Xiaokang ��s good policy is very attractive.
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